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Compliance Time is Over: It’s Time to Be a Trusted Advisor

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

It’s time to make sure your clients come to you for advisory services regularly, and not just once a year. Have you set up Dashboards that they can see? This will prompt clients to ask you how they can be more profitable, liquid and solvent. It’s all about client advisory services, and not about compliance. Compliance is a necessary evil and a commodity service, whereas advisory services allow you to value-add price and drive recurring revenue.

In the past, you had to do most of your analysis via Excel. Now, with one click of a button, you can set up your client’s accounting information to automatically flow into various dashboards that have been created in advance. In most cases, you can even customize them easily.

Below are some examples of applications within the QuickBooks® Online (QBO) ecosystem that make it very easy for you to offer advisory services to your clients. They will enable you to assist your clients in achieving their objectives, while also increasing your realization.


From Finagraph: This is just a sample of one of the many dashboard applications within the QBO ecosystem that has interactive connectivity. When one clicks on a flag, checkmark or indicator, information pops up explaining what is happening, and what action to take. Finagraph unleashes the financial knowledge locked inside your accounting system.

It allows you to:

  • Instantly understand the most important areas a business can improve upon

  • Spot risk indicators, and compare industry averages and competitors

  • Analyze inventory, cash, receivables and sales trends

  • Customize goals and red flags, according to the benchmarks you set

  • Examine performance with monthly, quarterly or yearly views

Finagraph dashboard overview
Finagraph dashboard overview

Some examples of graphics that are automatically produced and are also interactive:


From LivePlan: Here’s another example, with alternative choices, that is also interactive and one click away from the information gathered from within QBO.

It allows you to quickly document different business ideas in a beautiful visual format with the LivePlan One-Page Pitch. In addition, you can easily create and manage forecasts and budgets, as you can see from the tabs on the screens below:  

You can track your progress by comparing your performance with your peers or to your financial forecasts, using easy-to-understand dashboards. You can also make quick adjustments to your business, in order to stay on track and grow faster.

Spotlight Reporting

From Spotlight Reporting: This is another option that includes a dashboard, forecasting, reporting and the ability to consolidate information from multi-entity organizations with its multi product option.


From Qvinci: As a last but not least option, this app is great for franchises, or to roll up related entities.

All of these third party apps are a click away once you set them up, and they give you the access and information that you need to be a trusted advisor. Business Intelligence can add real value in helping your client improve their business operations.

The bottom line is that QBO gives you more than 400 third party applications that can help you enhance your client’s workflow, efficiency and streamline processes, in order to make both you and the client more profitable, solvent and liquid.


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