Finagraph is the ultimate business evaluation and financial intelligence solution

Finagraph links directly into business accounting systems to instantly provide visual insights and pinpoint performance indicators – saving you time and money.

By plugging into QuickBooks, Finagraph gives you actionable information in a matter of seconds, such as:

"If you manged your inventory more closely, you would have $17,582 more in available cash..."

Now that you're through tax time, astound your business clients with a Finagraph

How It Works

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Finagraph analyzes the last 4 months, the last 4 quarters and the last 5 years of financials.  It does this by linking directly into supported accounting systems and analyzing the data immediately. It then compares the analyzed data to other companies in the same industry.

Watch this quick video to get a better understanding:  

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Works with QuickBooks


Finagraph seamlessly connects to QuickBooks so you don't have to enter any numbers or run any reports. It's all automatic with the click of a button.

Why Finagraph

Imagine if you could replace hours of financial preparation with a button click.

Imagine how your clients will respond when you replace paper reports with online, instant analysis.

Imagine offering actionable and quantifiable advice to help business owners understand and improve their business.

Finagraph is revolutionary. There's no need to enter information, put together a report or create a spreadsheet. Just click the button and watch the magic happen. In seconds you'll know how the business is managed, how it stacks up to others and where the biggest improvements can be made. With Finagraph, get out of the busywork and start providing valuable advice to your clients.

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After your two free weeks, choose from our simple pricing plans to best match how you want to use Finagraph.  See the pricing page for more details.