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Woodard Events Partners with Finagraph to Provide Accountants with Advisory Training and Systems

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Atlanta, Georgia (January 9, 2020) - Woodard Events, LLC, manager of the Woodard Alliance program, has partnered with Finagraph, the makers of CashFlowTool, the #1 rated cash flow solution in the QuickBooks Online app store, to equip accountants and bookkeepers to add practical, highly effective advisory work to their existing services.

According to a spring 2019 study by Ipos Public Affairs, 74% of small businesses judge cash flow tasks as difficult today and further, according to a Wakefield research study in Jan 2019, 61% of small businesses regularly struggle with cash flow.  

This strategic partnership provides Woodard Alliance members with cutting edge cash monitoring software, education and certification which will significantly jumpstart them to help small businesses with cash flow advice.  The new membership benefits include members-only pricing and discounts on CashFlowTool, CashFlowTool Certification at no cost and cash flow educational courses at reduced rates.  The total value of this offering by Finagraph exceeds the annual membership price of Woodard Alliance.

About CashFlowTool™

CashFlowTool is a powerful software as a service to enable simple, powerful, and predictive cash flow for businesses and accountants.  The key features include:

Powerful forecasts in seconds: Patent-pending artificial intelligence technology predicts the future with confidence, so business owners can see their future cash flow by month, week and down to the day.

Cash flow calendar: A simple yet powerful heatmap enabled business owners to see their cash flow visually every day for 6 months in the future.  They can quickly perform what-if scenarios to decide the best time to get a loan or when to purchase new equipment, all so they can see the impact on their cash flow.

CashGuardian™ anomaly detector: always runs in the background checking for cash flow anomalies such as unexpected bills, overdue customer invoices or vendor bills, and future projected bills or invoices to name a few.

Custom KPI Dashboards:  With over 30 business metrics at your fingertips, business owners will quickly know the current status of their business including monthly net profit, days cash on hand, average days to collect from customers and many more. 

Easy collaboration between advisors and their clients:  CashFlowTool enables powerful collaboration tools so everyone is always on the same page.

Flexible reporting:  Quickly export the future cash flow forecast to excel in fully formatted worksheets or generate professional PDF reports in seconds.

Learn more at CashFlowTool and its new partnership with Woodard at

About the Woodard Alliance

Woodard Alliance is an independent community of small business advisors offering its members a powerful slate of tools, systems, and shared knowledge. By bringing together a large group of like-minded and highly experienced advisors, the Woodard Alliance has a collective “voice” within the profession. By working with developers to secure special benefits, the Alliance provides tools, systems, resources and services to members at a fraction of retail price.

About Woodard Events, LLC

Woodard Events, LLC provides education, coaching, resources, and professional communities to small business advisors and is the host of programs like the annual Scaling New Heights® conference, Woodard Alliance, Woodard Institute, and Woodard Groups.

Learn more at

About Finagraph

Finagraph is the worldwide leader in financial software, helping every business eliminate cash flow as a reason for failing and radically streamlining the banking and lending industry with breakthrough software.  CashFlowTool™ is a powerful software as a service to enable simple, powerful and predictive cash flow for businesses and accountants.  

Learn more at


Dave Fester

Chief Marketing Officer, Finagraph


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