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The All-new Reimagined Eliminates Cash Flow as a Reason That Businesses Fail

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Breakthrough CashLearn™ AI prediction technology sees the future so businesses can make critical decisions today

BELLEVUE, Wash. (October 16, 2018) - Finagraph™ announced today the immediate availability of its enhanced flagship software,, a powerful companion to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Business owners can immediately see powerful insights and essential analytics to see their current and future cash flows without the hassle of data entry or spreadsheets.

“This is the tool firms have been waiting for. Instant insights, customizable dashboards and a clean user interface,” said Kaydee Peterson, business development manager at Intuit. “The information is portrayed in a way that is digestible by the client yet detailed enough for the accounting professional. Finally, there is a tool that I can use across my entire client base without regard to size or industry, and with less than 5 minutes of setup work. Finagraph is upping the game for advisory services.” hits the market at a critical time. A March 2018 article from showed that 82% of businesses fail due to poor cash flow management skills or poor understanding of cash flow.

“One of the biggest fears of any small businesses is not having enough cash, for over 20 years it’s been a struggle for our business to effectively predict cash flow,” said David Evans, owner and chief coffee officer of Fidalgo Coffee.

“ is an essential business tool for my company and I can operate my business with more confidence than ever before.”

“Whether you are a business struggling with cash flow or a growing business, is for you,” said James Walter, CEO of Finagraph. “With our combined critical metrics, anomaly detection and future predictions, business owners finally have the analytics and insights to control their financial success.”’s key features include the following:

  • CashLearn™ patent-pending prediction technology: Patent-pending artificial intelligence predicts the future with confidence, so business owners can understand their current and future cash flow situation. Businesses can track their daily cash balance, the best time to pay their bills, or when they need to get outstanding invoices paid.

  • Cash flow calendar: A simple yet powerful heatmap displays shades of green for positive cash balance days and red for any forecasted cash flow shortfalls. Business owners can also quickly perform a powerful what-if analysis to decide the best time to get a loan or when to delay paying a bill, all so they can see the impact on their cash flow.

  • Anomaly detector and alerts: These highlight unexpected bills, late payments that are due or out-of-cash predictions.

  • Speed of Cash™ dashboard: A comprehensive dashboard gives businesses insights about the speed at which cash comes in or out of their business so they can quickly adjust the levers to accurately control their cash flow.

  • Multiple Dashboards: Busy small-business leaders or accountants can see key critical metrics, that matter to them. They can create their own dashboard or customize one to meet their specific needs. With over 30 essential cards, ranging from Cash on Hand to Cash Shortage to Average Days of Inventory, business owners have the critical information they need right at their fingertips.

  • Built-in video coaching: Finagraph experts are available to quickly explain critical concepts in non-accounting terms and give recommendations on what to do in key situations.

  • Team collaboration: Key designated team members, including an outside accountant, can participate, so everyone is always on the same page. Team members can comment on alerts, anomalies or cash status, and respond instantly.

  • View and export to Excel: It’s simple to see the complete cash flow forecast directly in Excel with preformatted templates for easy scanning and editing. is compatible with PCs, Macs and tablets. The app is available for iPhone or Android mobile device, so business owners and accountants can know what’s going on in their business anywhere, anytime. The software requires QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop and starts at $100 per month. There are specific offerings for accountants depending on the size of their client base. Free trials are available now.

About Finagraph

Finagraph is the worldwide leader in financial software, helping every business eliminate cash flow as a reason for failing and radically streamlining the banking and lending industry with breakthrough software.



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