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Finagraph Introduces Free Cash Flow Monitoring & Forecasting Service for Small Businesses

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

BELLEVUE, Wash. (October 22, 2019) -

Finagraph™ introduced today CashFlowTool Lite giving small business owners an easy-to-use, yet powerful way to see their cash flow

today and tomorrow.  Built on the industry-leading cash flow management and forecasting software, CashFlowTool, CashFlowTool Lite offers 3 killer features that every business will love.

Intelligent Cash Flow Forecast: 

Automatically shows the business’ historical cash flow well as a future forecasted cash flow for the next 4 weeks.  With the simple to use interactive chart, you can click on each week and instantly see the selected week’s cash details including Cash-in and Cash-out alongside with comparisons to previous time periods to show trends.


The built-in cash anomaly service called CashGuardian™ always runs in the background checking for cash flow anomalies such as unexpected bills, overdue customer invoices or vendor bills, and future projected bills or invoices to name a few.  Business owners no longer have to spend hours sifting through large volumes of data to potentially find anomalies or urgent issues.  With CashGuardian always running in the background, it does the work for you and surfaces the items that actually matter to a business owner so they can know sooner and take action faster.

Custom KPI Dashboards: 

With over 30 business metrics at your fingertips, business owners will quickly know the current status of their business including monthly net profit, days cash on hand, average days to collect from customers and many more. Each KPI has one-click access to built-in video coaching, which explains the concepts in business owner friendly terms and gives recommendations on what to do in key situations.

“For the first time, business owners truly have a cash flow management and forecasting service that lets them fully understand their cash flow situation,” said James Walter, CEO of Finagraph.  “CashGuardian will save businesses hundreds of hours by doing the tedious work for them and surfacing the items that really matter.”

CashFlowTool Lite also introduces a

revolutionary new way to try out CashFlowTool Pro with a simple way to unlock the Pro version for free for 24 hours.  There are 3 unlocks available to users of CashFlowTool Lite each giving them instant access to the following Pro features for 24 hours and after trying, business owners can instantly upgrade to CashFlowTool Pro for $75:

  • Unlimited users with access controls

  • 6-Month Cash Flow Forecast with weekly & monthly views

  • Manual Forecast adjustments

  • Cash Flow Calendar & Heatmap

  • What-if scenarios

  • Excel Cash Flow Export

  • PDF Cash Flow Reports

  • 1TB secure document storage

CashFlowTool Lite is compatible with PCs, Macs and tablets and works for one business and one user. The software requires QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop and is available today for free at

About Finagraph

Finagraph is the worldwide leader in financial software, helping every business eliminate cash flow as a reason for failing and radically streamlining the banking and lending industry with breakthrough software.


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