Real-time accounting data and analysis

Instantly enable one-click accounting integrations & real-time data into online application workflows
M&A Teams

Strongbox is the link between your business customers’ full financial picture and you, enabling both a one-click experience as well as instant data and analysis.

Turnkey Portal or API

Strongbox offers a turnkey portal or a powerful, yet simple API to control and access the data you need.

Simple UI & Integration

A simple-to-use user experience with drag-n-drop access to get the financials you need and easy integration into existing systems.

Powerful Analysis

Month over month ratio & trend analysis including credit and liquidity ratios and cash flow trending.

Fastest Performing

Strongbox will import, analyze and export the financial data in minutes, not hours.

Broad Accounting Integrations

Strongbox integrates data from the different accounting systems into a standard format that you and your customers can easily use.

Clear Results

Strongbox exports a comprehensive 360° financial view of the business so you can see and act on the insights immediately.

See how Strongbox can help you

See how Strongbox can help you

SMB Lenders

Use Strongbox to:

  • Increase efficiency of data collection and underwriting
    (one-click submission process for borrower)

  • Price risk more effectively with complete financial data for each borrower

  • Enable one-click financial monitoring and proactive offers

Two ways to implement

Strongbox API

Access our developer-friendly data collection and analysis APIs to push data where it is needed.

For access to our API documentation, contact us.

“No code” white-labeled Portal

We brand a customer-facing portal for your customers to easily submit their financials.

Your team accesses data collected and the full Strongbox analysis in your own portal via downloadable files and Excel templates.

Beyond just accounting data

Strongbox seamlessly integrates with accounting systems to extract raw data and deliver breakthrough, comprehensive analysis on the data.

Raw data

Detailed Balance Sheets

A line-by-line statement of assets, liabilities and equity.

Strongbox automatically applies a default taxonomy to map these detailed line items into a standardized Balance Sheet.

Insightful analysis

Financial Metrics & Ratios

Common financial metrics and ratios are calculated automatically for each business by leveraging Strongbox’s taxonomy and standardized financial statements.

Calculations include (but not limited to):  Liquidity ratios, Stability ratios, Leverage and Risk ratios, Efficiency, Profitability, Cash Flow

Accounting System Integrations

Strongbox supports the most-used accounting systems by SMBs in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.



Why Strongbox?

   10 years of experience

   Designed, developed, & headquartered in the USA

   Proven commercial solutions deployed

   Financial-grade security

Commercial Solutions powered by Strongbox

Safe and secure

✓ Strongbox uses bank-level 256-bit SSL and TLS cryptographic protocols to provide communication security over the Internet. This includes authentication and data encryption to ensure customer data is private and always protected.​

✓ Strongbox utilizes Microsoft Azure which undergoes multiple security and compliance audits every year

✓ Each business is uniquely encrypted adding an additional level of security above and beyond Azure’s security

✓ Strongbox only reads from and never writes back to the accounting system

✓ We do annual security reviews to ensure our system is safe and secure

Ready to Start?

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