The world's most powerful

financial gathering platform

Revolutionizing commercial lending. 

Powerful financials at your fingertips

Strongbox gives you a full 360° view of a business’ financial information through a turnkey portal or a simple API. 

Fastest Performing

Strongbox will import, analyze and export the financial data in minutes, not hours.

Turnkey Portal or API

Strongbox offers a turnkey portal or a powerful, yet simple API to control and access the data you need.

Simple UI & Integration

A simple-to-use user experience with drag-n-drop access to get the financials you need and easy integration into existing systems.

Powerful Analysis

Month over month ratio & trend analysis including credit and liquidity ratios and cash flow trending.

Industry-Standard Formats

Strongbox integrates data from the different accounting systems into a standard format that you and your customers can easily use.

Clear Results

Strongbox exports a comprehensive 360° financial view of the business so you can see and act on the insights immediately.

Core features

Raw Accounting System Data

Strongbox directly connects to the business accounting system and pull reports and individual transactions including the last 24 months of balance sheets and income statements.  Strongbox also pulls the chart of accounts, GL transactions, historical cash flow and more.

Normalized Transactional Data

Using the raw data, Strongbox normalizes the data into a common format that is easy to use.  

Normalized Financial Statements

Regardless of differences in accounting systems, Strongbox will provide 24 months of aligned income statements and balance sheets in the same format, every time.

Digitized Tax Return Data

Easily access functional business tax return data by uploading tax returns in PDF format.

Ratio Calculation
(monthly, every month)

Every financial ratio you need (liquidity, profitability, efficiency, etc.) available for you along with raw inputs and formulas.

Trend Analysis
(month Over month)

Detail and visuals to see how the company’s income statement, balance sheet and ratios have trended over the last 24 months.

Detailed Cash Flow Analysis

A 24-month Direct Method cash flow analysis (cash in/out) built from transaction-level detail. Identify significant drivers of cash coming in and out of the company and explore the data via summaries and drill-downs to the transaction-level.

Fastest Performing

Strongbox retrieves and syncs financial data from accounting systems faster that the other solutions on the market. 


Source:  Internal Finagraph testing

Option 1:
Turnkey, white-labeled portal with simple, fully formatted Excel output

Simple, yet powerful portal with your brand for your customers to easily submit their financials. All data collected and analyzed is available in one formatted, formula-driven Excel spreadsheet.

Option 2:
Direct integration via APIs

Not only can you get the complete financial data exported to Excel, you can also access any specific metric or any combination of the data to power your existing systems.

Why Strongbox?

  10 years of experience

  Designed, developed, & headquartered in the USA

  Proven commercial solutions deployed

  Financial-grade security

Strongbox pulls all of the required financial documents directly from the business' accounting system and into the lending system.


Strongbox digitizes tax returns, and provides drag-n-drop secure storage, keeping all of the documents in one place.

Eliminates data entry

Data Sources

Strongbox supports multiple data sources in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand



Commercial Solutions powered by Strongbox

The Strongbox simple experience

Offers custom branding to make it yours

  Unique Branding URL

✓  Your logo integrated

✓  Your colors

For Businesses

No more faxing, printing, emailing endless reports

One-button click and drag-n-drop

Single sign-on, password-less authentication

For Lenders, Accountants & Auditors

Approve loans in minutes, not weeks

Digital gathering removes human error

Simple borrower experience means increased market share

Safe and secure

✓ Strongbox uses bank-level 256-bit SSL and TLS cryptographic protocols to provide communication security over the Internet. This includes authentication and data encryption to ensure customer data is private and always protected.​

✓ Strongbox utilizes Microsoft Azure which undergoes multiple security and compliance audits every year

✓ Each Business is uniquely encrypted adding an additional level of security above and beyond Azure’s security

✓ Strongbox only reads from and never writes back to the accounting system

✓ We do annual security reviews to ensure our system is safe and secure

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