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This financial seminar goes beyond the numbers and empowers business owners to truly understand their company in a whole new light. Gain hands-on practical tools, while acquiring the financial skills required to develop a strategic plan for success. Attendees are also eligible for 8 CPE (Continued Professional Education) or other industry equivalent credits. So what are you waiting for? Stop working in your business and start working on your business today!


  • 8:00/AM/Continental Breakfast/
  • 8:30/AM/Build Transferable Value/
    • Create Focus Around the 5 P's of Profitability
    • Understand Market vs. Margin
    • Discover Your Business Personality Profile
    • Navigate Successful Communication Styles
  • 10:00/AM/Coffee Break/
  • 10:15/AM/Evolution of Running a Business/
    • Business Life Cycle
    • When Companies Hit the Wall
    • Working On Your Business
    • Leveraging a Network of Trusted Advisors
  • 11:15/AM/Managing Your Company by Metrics/
    • Initial Financial Indicators
    • Mis-Financing
    • Trend Analysis
    • Expense Control
  • 12:00/PM/Sponsored Lunch Break/
  • 1:00/PM/Benchmarking Your Business/
    • Analysis of Financial Statements
    • Ratio Analysis
    • Financial Impact
    • Financial Cause and Effect
  • 2:30/PM/Coffee Break/
  • 2:45/PM/Strategies for Growth/
    • Proper Debt Structure
    • Calculating the Working Capital Cycle
    • Predicting Your Financial Gap
  • 3:30/PM/Valuing Your Company/
    • Valuation Methods
    • Increasing Your Company's Value
    • Preparing for Sale
    • Strategic versus Financial Buyers
  • 4:30/PM/Reception/

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Why Attend

Businesses face tough challenges and unique opportunities. The financial success or failure of a business lies in the owner’s ability to manage through the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities. With our signature seminar, you will learn how to proactively control the finances of your company through business-tested financial management techniques and maximize profits through more informed decision-making.

What You'll Learn

After just one day, you'll walk away with tangible tools to put to work in your business. Comprehend concepts such as financial statement analysis, cash budgeting, sustainable growth rate, profit planning, financial gap and break-even analysis. Learn how to properly structure debt, communicate with your banker and successfully put together a loan proposal. Most of all, you will understand what it takes to build transferable value, create a profit plan and manage future growth.


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