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Customer Stories

 beth damis review

“Finagraph has a clean and easy to read interface, saving my clients frustration by consolidating the information they are most concerned with during their performance reviews.  Finagraph also reinforces the information I provide with their hover tool- which explains the importance of and computation of various ratios-helping me teach businesses how to understand their financials.  I've evaluated numerous dashboards in a variety of price points and Finagraph offers the best solution to provide automated financial analysis and benchmarking to my clients." – Beth Damis, Accounting Solutions Consultant & Trainer, Top 100 ProAdvisor 2014 and Owner of Bookkeeping by Beth LLC


 kristian hohenbrink review

"Gone are the days of "trying" to manage the bottom line using paper and pencil methods. Small business owners need software like Finagraph to instantly see their business from a financial perspective. It literally combines the financial analysis normally done by a CPA, CFO, and bookkeeper in a fraction of the time and presents the results in easy-to-understand terms. My clients now focus on revenue generating activities rather than the mundane and tiresome process of endless "number crunching". Finagraph is quickly becoming a featured product in my business analysis programs."– Kristian Hohenbrink, President of  K and H Consulting


 cheryl mitchell review

For me, Finagraph provides the ability to be an even more effective consultant by showing my clients their own data, and how much more money they could bring to their bottom line. To see how a business can improve with a cents-to-dollars comparison gives my clients a real incentive to make great changes. And for that they trust me even more." – Cheryl Mitchell, Business Consultant and Owner of Your Biz Ninja


 bruce mcfarland review

“Finagraph is just what I need for myself and my clients. With a brief description to my clients about what  Finagraph is explaining to them, my clients have valuable information at their fingertips that helps them make great financial decisions about their business. I have incorporated Finagraph for all our accounting clients.” – Bruce McFarland, Senior Tax Specialist of L&R Tax Preparation


 monique colver review

“I've found Finagraph to be very intuitive, and my clients love being able to see industry data along with their financial numbers. It helps them get a grasp on not only how well they're doing, but how well they compare with others in the industry - which can help them decide if they should change direction or make any changes to help them be more competitive. It's easy to use as well and with most of my clients, time is a premium, so something they can look at quickly is just what they need."  – Monique Colver, Owner of Colver Business Solutions


 frank casciari review

"Most small businesses ignore their balance sheet and do not appreciate how vital it is to truly understand their cash flow. Finagraph's interface with our accounting system provides easy to understand graphics and explanations that enable us to have a better understanding of our sources and uses of cash. Finagraph has become an invaluable tool in managing our company." – Frank Casciari, CFO of FieldSource Food Systems, Inc.


 bill murphy review

“Having served as technical editor on a 400-page textbook covering Business Analysis using QuickBooks, I can tell you that Finagraph really does allow you to “replace hours of work with 1-click” in order to "obtain financial intelligence on demand."  In the same way I once felt that the textbook I helped create could provide ProAdvisors with a tool to server as a trusted advisor for their clients, I can see Finagraph fulfilling the same role…Whether you are a business owner, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, an accountant, or even a lender, the ability to garner key information from a QuickBooks company file is essential.  The capability of doing that at ‘the click of a button’ as opposed to going out and purchasing a 400 page textbook, studying for hours, and then taking the time to ‘number crunch’ for yourself, well (as one of those nameless advertisements on TV says) - that’s priceless.” – Bill Murphy, Senior Editor of Intuitive Accountant