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Strongbox is the top solution that Lenders and Accountants choose every time in a side-by-side comparison with other alternatives.

Bellevue, WA (May 26, 2021) - Finagraph announced a significant update to its flagship business financials platform today enabling new features that bring it a step ahead of the competition.

Strongbox makes it simple, fast, and secure to connect to a wide-variety of accounting-based solutions to instantly unlock powerful data and insights on virtually any business.

Strongbox key features include the following:

With CashFlowTool helping businesses know their future cash flow situation, it enables them to act much faster and this partnership creates significant impact for millions of businesses across the U.S.

One-click access to Accounting Systems: Customers can access the financial data in a variety of accounting systems including QuickBooks Online and Desktop, Xero, Reckon, myob, myob AccountRight, Sage Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Auto-generated Powerful Financial Analysis: Beyond just pulling the raw data out of the accounting system, Strongbox performs powerful analysis to give deep insights on the financials including cash flow analysis, mapped financial statements, key ratios and more.

Instant access to the financial analysis directly in Excel:

In just one simple click, Strongbox generates a complete financial analysis in Microsoft Excel which everyone knows and uses. Say goodbye to complicated reports or unformatted CSV files.

Breakthrough Intelligent Mapping: A market-leading first, Strongbox transforms a business’ unorganized, non-standard accounts and instantly maps them to your standardized financial layout in minutes, saving you hours of work.

Strongbox data is accessible in 3 ways:

  • Developer-friendly API which can be integrated into existing solutions adding all the strongbox features in a customized solution

  • Strongbox Widget

  • White-labeled Web Portal

New Features available now and only available in Strongbox:

  • Fully configurable data collection: The ability to control exactly what is collected enhances security, privacy, performance, and extensibility. Anonymization of contact lists for greater privacy and security.

  • Runtime verification: Ensures accuracy of financial data.

  • Automatic conversion of multi-currency to a single base currency: Simplifies integration

  • Industry-standard financial models

  • Historic snapshots of customer financial data: Allows access to historic data rather than just the latest financials. Now you can "time-travel" through the history of a business.

Strongbox is immediately available at


About Finagraph

US-based Finagraph specializes in real-time financial data collection and analysis from accounting systems (i.e., QuickBooks, Xero) to drive business intelligence solutions for lenders, accountants and businesses. Finagraph has a 10-year history of building innovative financial tools and offers full API as well as turnkey solutions to some of the largest financial services providers in the world.

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About Strongbox

Strongbox is a platform that collects and analyzes financial data from a business’ accounting system. Strongbox outputs are used by credit teams to standardize decisioning criteria and automate risk analysis as well as M&A teams to streamline financial due diligence. The benefits for businesses are realized through the Strongbox easy, one-click interface to securely provide financial information to authorized third parties.

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Dave Fester

Chief Marketing Officer, Finagraph


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