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Finagraph and Rootworks Partner to Bring the #1 Cash Flow Service to the Rootworks Network

Bellevue, WA (November 10, 2020) - Finagraph and Rootworks announced today a strategic partnership to equip accountants in the Rootworks network with CashFlowTool, training and exclusive discounts.

According to a study by Wakefield research, 61% of small businesses regularly struggle with cash flow and also according to an Ipos Public Affairs study, only 33% of small businesses use an app or service to manage their cash flow. During these uncertain times of Covid-19, cash flow is more important than ever to a small business and accountants are the critical link to help them.

This strategic partnership provides the over 700 Rootworks member firms with cutting edge cash flow monitoring and forecasting software as well as education and certification which will significantly jumpstart them to help small businesses with cash flow advice.

The new membership benefits include:

  • Exclusive discounts on accountant plans

  • Discounts on CashFlowTool Certification Course and Cash Flow Business Essentials Course

  • A sample QuickBooks company so accountants can demo the benefits of a cash flow service to their business clients

  • A curated set of exclusive resources to jumpstart accountants who wish to offer a new cash flow service.

About CashFlowTool™

CashFlowTool™ is a powerful software as a service to enable simple, powerful, and predictive cash flow for businesses and accountants. The key features include:

Powerful forecasts in seconds: Patent-pending artificial intelligence technology predicts the future with confidence, so business owners can see their future cash flow by month, week and down to the day.

Cash flow calendar: A simple yet powerful heatmap enabled business owners to see their cash flow visually every day for 6 months in the future. They can quickly perform what-if scenarios to decide the best time to get a loan or when to purchase new equipment, all so they can see the impact on their cash flow.

CashGuardian™ anomaly detector: always runs in the background checking for cash flow anomalies such as unexpected bills, overdue customer invoices or vendor bills, and future projected bills or invoices.

Custom KPI Dashboards: With over 30 business metrics at your fingertips, business owners will quickly know the current status of their business including monthly net profit, days cash on hand, average days to collect from customers and many more.

Easy collaboration between advisors and their clients: CashFlowTool enables powerful collaboration tools so everyone is always on the same page.

Flexible reporting: Quickly export the future cash flow forecast to excel in fully formatted worksheets or generate professional PDF reports in seconds.

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About Rootworks

Rootworks is the profession’s premier firm-improvement organization, serving small to mid-sized accounting firms from across the country. Our unique front-office solution coupled with our active and established peer community provide firms with everything they need to create a proactive, high-performing and sustainable Modern Firm™—and all with a single membership.

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About Finagraph

Finagraph is the worldwide leader in financial software, helping every business eliminate cash flow as a reason for failing and radically streamlining the banking and lending industry with breakthrough software. CashFlowTool™ is a powerful software as a service to enable simple, powerful and predictive cash flow for businesses and accountants.

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Dave Fester

Chief Marketing Officer, Finagraph


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