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CashFlowTool Offers Immediate Help for Every Small Business Needing to Plan Their Cash Flow

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

CashFlowTool offers a “Help My Business” resource center along with significant discounts to help small businesses.

BELLEVUE, Wash. (March 23, 2020) – Finagraph® announced today immediate help to small businesses who are struggling during the COVID-19 situation with the creation of the “Help My Business” resource center.  This gives businesses immediate and tangible cash flow advice to small businesses as well as help in 3 ways. 

Price reduction

First, effective immediately for all new customers, the monthly subscription to CashFlowTool Pro has been temporarily lowered to $50/month from the previous price of $75/month and will be good for up to one year.  Businesses who buy an annual subscription will instantly save $250 per year.  These reductions will be offered for all new customers for the foreseeable future.

Offer for severely affected businesses

Secondly, Finagraph has partnered with American Express on their "Stand for Small" initiative giving severely impacted businesses an added discount. To take advantage of this offer, simply click the link below and search for CashFlowTool.

Non-Profit discount

Lastly, for qualified non-profits that also need help with their cash flow, they can visit CashFlowTool for Nonprofits and sign up for a 50% permanent discount off of any subscription plan (monthly or annually) for the life of the use of CashFlowTool. 

CashFlowTool is the number one rated cash flow service on the QuickBooks marketplace helping every business master, manage and know their cash flow.  By simply connecting CashFlowTool to QuickBooks Online or Desktop, businesses can instantly see their cash flow, perform what-if scenarios, be alerted to anomalies, see upcoming expenses, and manage their cash flow position for 6 months in the future.

About Finagraph

Finagraph is the worldwide leader in financial software, helping every business eliminate cash flow as a reason for failing and radically streamlining the banking and lending industry with breakthrough software.



Dave Fester Chief Marketing Officer, Finagraph


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