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App Watch on Finagraph

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Welcome once again to our weekly accounting-related application roundup. This week we take a look a new integration between Sageworks and QBO, Xero’s new split-screen multitasking feature, and Finagraph is now free for accountants.

For those who don’t yet know, this is a weekly column whereby we’re not out to break news in the technology world – as it relates to you – but rather keep you informed and, where applicable, offer our take. Once again, here’s how we do App Watch…

News: Finagraph Removes Price Barrier for Financial Intelligence

Finagraph is making their business analytics tool available for free to accountants and business owners. Finagraph is designed to instantly identify where a business is strong and where it can improve. Risk indicators, sales trends and industry averages are among the data presented to help businesses understand their financials and translate them into action.  Based on accountant feedback, Finagraph also added a new print feature making it easy for accountants to print an actionable summary to share with clients.

Views: OK so out of the gate one has to wonder why any product suddenly becomes free. Are they in trouble, have there been any issues with uptake or awareness or are they just feeling particularly generous? All valid questions, but the fact remains we just don’t know. Now, you can go on the words of their CEO who says “Finagraph remains passionate about using technology to help businesses grow. By translating data into easy to understand, actionable information, we believe businesses will be more successful.” Or, you can essentially take this as an opportunity to check out a product for your clients that you may have either never heard of or thought the price point of business analytics tools was out of your range. Can’t go wrong either way, right? Oh and it does work with QuickBooks so client financial data should flow in pretty easily and you can create the reports you want.

Until next week, and as ever let us know if this column is of use to you or if you have any feedback whatsoever. Thanks!


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