Powerful Gathering

Finagraph connects with the world's leading accounting systems, automating your financial gathering. A standardized format enables you to make seamless comparisons across your entire client base.

With 1-click technology, Finagraph can do for business loans what technology has done for consumer loans.

Finagraph Dashboard

Finagraph’s pioneering technology enables high-efficiency lending through automation:

  • Eliminating paperwork
  • Reducing errors from manual entry
  • Streamlining client communication

MARQ™ from Moody's Analytics

Powered by Finagraph technology, this new lender portal automates data collection, allowing you to track business credit scores across a portfolio. Other benefits include:

  • Improves customer experience and reduces time-to-money
  • Increases consistency of credit assessment process with automated spreading
  • Frees time to focus on generating more loans

BBC Easy

Finagraph’s pioneering technology automates the Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC) process, gathering and calculating BBCs in minutes

  • Eliminates time-consuming paperwork and increases accuracy
  • Delivers easy to understand, thorough reports and charts along with the BBC
  • Provides you with deep client insights to spot trends and reduce risk 

Financial Skills Training 

Led by leading banking school instructors, these interactive seminars are highly customized to fit each specific audience. Disciplines typically covered include:

  • Business delivery strategies
  • Branch optimization and the language of banking
  • Advanced technology tools


Custom Portal Development 

Let the most advanced financial gathering platform in the world automate your small banking to best serve your clients. 

  • Personalize your user experience
  • Collect electronic data instead of time consuming manual forms
  • Standardize financials across ten accounting systems
  • Create brand equity through a customized user interface
  • Prioritize the most relevant financial data
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