Putting ‘Service’ Back into Service Industry: The Importance of Relationship-based Banking



Interviewing Kyle Enger from the Relationship Banking Academy.

Can you talk about those technologies and how they help?

BBC Easy automates the C & I loan financial reporting process by securely extracting financial data from customer accounting systems to help banks calculate the amount of a Borrowing Bank Certificate (a document used in asset-based loan transactions) based on the customer’s current financials and the bank’s lending parameters.

Finagraph is a financial intelligence tool that displays detailed analytics and information in an easy-to-read visual format. The software securely transmits the last three months of income, expenses, receivables and payables data to the banker or investor by electronically capturing data contained in the most widely used accounting systems.

First Research provides profiles of over 100 industries and highlights risks and opportunities as well as call preparation questions. When used in conjunction with Finagraph, it allows bankers to have a complete understanding of a potential loan customer’s financial performance in relation to industry analysis.

These three tools are pieces of the same loan assessment puzzle that when used together provide bankers with a greater capability to advise and engage with a potential loan customer.

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