Finagraph is Changing the Way Banks and Institutional Investors Interact with Businesses


Seattle, WA (PRWEB) August 12, 2013

Financial technology provider BBC Easy announced today that the company has formally rebranded under the new name Finagraph and is expanding the vision for its core product. The company announced its new website will be located at This shift is in line with the expanded goals for Finagraph’s innovative, proprietary software—which connects businesses, their bankers, or investors securely through the cloud—to include a host of financial intelligence tools that allow for on-the-spot review of a company’s complete financial health.

“Finagraph provides efficiency and financial intelligence applications for a whole host of financial institutions from banks to private equity firms. In our work with financial professionals, we realized what is really needed is an on-demand, instant snapshot of portfolio companies, commercial borrowers and other organizations that are regularly required to report their financials,” says Finagraph CEO James Walter. “Finagraph pulls financial data from the most popular business accounting systems to provide a complete business health overview. Tools like Finagraph will actually enable bankers and others to augment their offline relationships by empowering them to become trusted business advisors and quickly identify red flags.”

Finagraph displays detailed analytics and information in an easy-to-read visual format, allowing for greater transparency, and can even cut down loan maintenance expenses by 62 percent. The software securely transmits the last three months of income, expenses, receivables and payables data to the banker or investor by electronically capturing data contained in the most widely used accounting systems. A small sample of the data at bankers’ fingertips include:

  •     Assets-to-liabilities ratio
  •     Debt-to-equity ratio
  •     Income-to-expenses ratio
  •     Inventory turnover days
  •     Accounts receivable health analysis and trending
  •     Customer concentration analysis
  •     Asset, liabilities and expenses categorization and trending


“Today, bankers do not have the whole story on their commercial borrowers at their fingertips. For example, if expenses are growing at a faster rate than revenue, this should immediately raise a red flag to lenders, especially if the company is also facing cash flow or other problems. Finagraph captures all the raw data and with a few clicks, turns it into something meaningful and actionable—this enables bankers to proactively manage their client relationships instead of reactively responding to a crisis,” says Corey Ross, vice president of sales for Finagraph.

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