Alternative Financing Strategies For Small Business

Seattle-based BBC Easy (powered by Finagraph) provides automated borrowing base certificates for small and medium sized businesses. With asset-based lending and cash-flow lending becoming increasingly popular for small business, founders James Walter and Corey Ross discuss alternative financing strategies for small business.

James Walter

As the CEO of BBC Easy, James uses his rich experience working with SAAS based technologies to help banks reduce costs and increase efficiency by streamlining the expensive and highly inefficient Borrowing Base Certificate process. Having started and ran a highly successful financial services company, Fusion Business Finance, James saw first-hand how inefficient the BBC process was. Working with his team of veteran banking, financial services, and technology experts, James created an affordable SAAS based BBC automation process that saved borrowers and bankers valuable time and money. BBC Easy is currently deployed in several banks of all sizes.

Corey Ross

Corey currently serves as the co-founder and VP of Sales for BBC Easy. Having served on the lending side, Corey saw first-hand the inefficiency, cost and customer dissatisfaction that BBCs cause. Working with a team of seasoned technology and systems automation experts, Corey developed BBC Easy, an affordable SaaS Borrowing Base Certificate automation technology that saves borrowers and bankers valuable time and money.

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