Forbes: Finalists of the BBVA Open Talent Competition 2014

The initiative of bank BBVA Open Talent, seeking technological enterprises, was to choose the 60 finalists of the 2014 edition.

In this call a total of 870 projects were presented. Selected in both categories New Banking and Digital Life  will present their projects in Barcelona (Spain), Bogotá (Colombia) and Mexico City during celebrations Next 3 Regional Bank.

Mexico will compete in the two schemes with 4 technology ventures: Intelifin for New Banking and tok3n, Auto Chilango and Unda for digital life .

The 20 initiatives selected in this second phase of the competition of entrepreneurs, BBVA Open Talent, in this edition of the United States and rest of the world will be presented before a jury of experts in the Next Bank Americas event to be held in Mexico City on October 15 and 16.

Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their projects to different experts in entrepreneurship and new technologies and the public attending the event.

We present the 20 finalists in the two categories of BBVA Open Talent.


New Banking

• Cashflower (USA)

• Socure (USA)

• Knox Payments (USA)

• Finagraph (USA)

• Payments Peach (South Africa)

• LendingClub (USA)

• Waleteros (USA)

• Epiphytes (USA)

• Mr Presta (Chile)

• Intelifin (Mexico)


Digital Life

• Medella Health (Canada)

• Esplori (USA)

• Sensopia (USA)

• Access SCADA (United States)

• Insticator (USA)

• Infomous (USA)

• Unda (Mexico)

• Auto Chilango (Mexico)

• GridMarkets (India)

• Tok3n (Mexico)


The 60 finalists from all editions of BBVA Open Talent 2014 are available on the website of BBVA Innovation Center.


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