Finagraph - Know the Numbers

Now I have done it. I have found another fantastic tool to help business owners.

Are you wanting to figure out what all those numbers mean?

Here is the tool you must have. Not only will you now know what all this information is telling you, but Finagraph will give you pointers on things you can do to make things better. It is such a great tool for business owners that I have taken my company and we’ve teamed up with Finagraph.

What is it?
It is a financial intelligence on demand tool, giving you new insights into your business. With Finagraph, Business owners/ Shareholders can instantly see trends, compare industry averages and manage by metrics – all in a visual format. To me, the best part is with in minutes, you can review your financials whenever and wherever you like, without logging into your accounting system.

You can even access Finagraph from your iPad or smartphone.

By linking to your QuickBooks, Finagraph lets you take control of your finances with insight on quick ratios, risk indicators, cash flow, sales and expense trends, and customer demographics.

Detailed numbers are powerful, but it can be easy to get lost. In addition to the raw details, Finagraph has incorporated charts, graphs and flags for instant visual recognition of where you need to focus your energy. By comparing a business to the averages of the industry, Finagraph instantly identifies where pockets of cash may be hiding. Perhaps too much inventory is on hand, or maybe the company is not taking advantage of trade discounts.

You can leave the number crunching to me if you’d like.
If you have any questions on how to get started, please, e-mail me at


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