Become a Certified Advisor
Ongoing education for trusted advisors and their clients

Are you an accounting professional who can turn a ratio analysis spreadsheet into an action plan for your SMB clients?  Are you proud of the fact that your clients are at the top of the business network in your area? 

If you can answer YES, then become a Finagraph Certified Advisor (FCA). As an FCA, you will differentiate your practice with tools and education designed to give you and your clients a head start in the financial intelligence revolution. Best of all, it's free!

Quick, easy, and free application process

All you have to do is watch a prep video and take a short 12-minute test about how to use Finagraph, and interpret the results for your clients. Your certification includes these great benefits:

  • Access to an always free Finagraph Dashboard subscription
  • Your business listed on our “Find-An-Advisor” database
  • A Finagraph Certified Advisor badge for marketing materials
  • Telephone support
  • Free enrollment in The Finagraph Academy – Turning ratios into actions education series
 Finagraph Certified Advisor seal

Give your clients the gift of financial intelligence

With the power of Finagraph, you and your clients will be able to:

 finagraph small business financial management software
  • Spot risk indicators, compare industry averages, and view the overall financial health of a business
  • Provide analysis on inventory, cash, receivables and sales trends
  • Customize goals and red flags according to benchmarks you set
  • Analyze performance from a monthly, quarterly or yearly view
  • Create timely, shareable links for interested parties
  • Enjoy full integration with all versions of QuickBooks & Xero
  • Analyze what-if scenarios using our Excel import template

Become a Finagraph Certified Advisor today!

This short and simple 20-question test requires knowledge of Finagraph and basic financial analysis. The recommended time is 12 minutes, with a time limit of 30 minutes.  You have the ability to retest one time immediately, then must wait 30 days to retest a second time. Please review the Study Guide, Prep Video or request a demo of the product before taking the exam. Good luck!

Exam Resources

Make sure to study up on Finagraph and your basic financial analysis. We've provided these two resource guides to help you get up to speed!


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