Frequently Asked Questions


Is the financial dashboard really free?  

Yes; we believe that you should have the same tools used by the big guys. We hate it when the powerful features aren't included so your free Finagraph dashboard includes all features. No hidden fees, contracts or surprises. 

How can you offer it for free?

We sell software to banks and other lenders which gives us the ability to provide our world-class tools to you. 
We also offer a few  completely optional  recommendations for the best tools to help your company succeed today. We'll help you find funding when you need it.

Getting Started

What documents/ information do I need to create a Finagraph?

All you need to start is business information, your NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code, and have access to your accounting system.

What accounting systems are supported by the financial dashboard?

We analyze financials from Microsoft Dynamics GP, Peachtree Accounting, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Sage 50 - US Edition, Xero, and Microsoft Excel.

How do I start?

Start by signing up for your free account at Just enter your email address to log into your own dashboard and follow the getting started guide at the top of your dashboard. Visit our Help Center to read about the technical requirements.


Can I Use Finagraph From My Mac, PC, Tablet Or Smartphone? 

Yes; all you need to create your Finagraph report is an Internet connection. The linking application that collects the accounting data currently supports only the versions of QuickBooks that run on Microsoft Windows. (We'll soon be adding support for Sage 50 - US Edition, Peachtree Accounting, and Microsoft Dynamics GP.)

How does the financial data I import remain secure?

Your data is protected by world-class data centers that pass yearly external security audits. We also utilize risk management software to prevent cyber threats, providing you with an extra layer of security. Your data is encrypted and secured from the time of collection throughout the storage process.

Can I export my data? 

Yes; it can be either exported to a PDF or CSV file.

Help Center

Where can I find more details and technical help?

Visit our growing Help Center to view walk-through guides and watch videos.

How do I contact support?

You can submit a request through our Help Center or ask us a question through the chat tool at the bottom of the page.