Welcome to Finagraph for Baker Hill Advisor® for relationship lending. Finagraph analyzes data pulled from a data exchange report and provides instant visual access to key business ratios and performance indicators. By using this dashboard, you will have the power to:

  • Save time and money gathering financial documents in just 1 click
  • Spot risk indicators, compare industry averages, and view the overall financial health of a business
  • Provide analysis on inventory, cash, receivables and sales trends
  • Customize goals and red flags according to benchmarks you set
  • Analyze performance from a monthly, quarterly or yearly view
  • Create timely, shareable links for interested parties

Become a trusted advisor and build strong relationships with your clients by giving them valuable insight that they've never had before! Start using Finagraph for Baker Hill Advisor® for relationship lending today!


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BBC Easy Overview Video

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