Everything we do, you can do via our APIs

Add Financial Intelligence On Demand to your site or service


Choose your integration

Private Label
  • Send users to Finagraph with your branding
  • Replace the Finagraph Logo with your logo
  • Choose your colors
  • Custom URL -> http://firm.finagraph.com
  • Simple, 1 time setup
  • No coding required


  • Add Finagraph to your site
  • You control the look and feel
  • Finagraph logo is removed
  • Simple iFrame integration
  • Minimal coding required
  • Full customization
  • Add whichever pieces of Finagraph you want
  • Add financial statement gathering into your workflow
  • Add financial analysis into your service
  • Coding required

For Private Label and iFrame integration, simply email us for more information.


Finagraph API


The purpose of the Finagaph API is to provide third-party applications the ability to use the Finagraph platform within their own website or applications. This page describes the main steps needed to get started using the Finagraph API.

Getting started with the Finagraph has four basic steps:


1. Sign up as a partner with Finagraph to get your API key. 
Simply email api@finagraph.com.  Once you have an API key you'll have access to the API.  

2. Review and understand the Finagraph nomenclature.
Finagraph uses a hierarchy to manage Financial Providers, their Clients and Clients' Finagraphs. 


3. Review the API documentation.

The current release of the Finagraph API is version 2.  V2 documentation can be found here: API documentation

4. Make your first API call

Finagraph nomenclature

  • Provider (a bank, lender, CPA firm, etc) is at the top level.
  • Providers have 0 to many businesses which are called Clients
  • Clients have 0 to many Finagraph reports and financials.
  • Both Providers and Clients have 0 to many users (bank users or business users)



How Finagraph gathers financials

  1. A user on your website requests a new Finagraph or financial collection.
  2. They choose their accounting system.
  3. Your website offers a button to the user to collect financials. For desktop based accounting systems, this button launches the financial-linker with a set of parameters (like date ranges) and a snapshot ID.  
    1. The financial-linker is a .net click-once application that launches on the user's PC. 
  4. For desktop based accounting systems, PRIOR to the financial-linker being launched, you must check the PC for the required pre-requisites of Click-once and .NET.
    1. This is not required for online systems like QuickBooks Online or Xero.  
  5. Finagraph then links into the accounting system and pulls reports based upon the parameter set. The financial-linker uploads the reports to the Finagraph web service. The web service then starts organizing and analyzing the reports and reporting status.
  6. Once complete, you can direct the user to a rendered Finagraph, or any subset as you require.


More information on usage and flow is available in the detailed API documentation located here.