January 29, 2015


  • We're excited to announce our new Finagraph Certified Advisor program. Finagraph users who earn their FCA designation have the ability to earn prices by adding new clients to their Finagraph Dashboard. Learn more about the FCA program here: http://www.finagraph.com/fca
  • The Attachments button has been added to the options list in the in Financial Details section (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Invoices).


  • Resolved an issue with the BBC attachments list where Internet Explorer users were unable to see changes made by Chrome users.
  • Restored the "Delete Selected Attachments" button to the BBC Easy interface. Users can delete uploaded attachments by using the trashcan icon or by selecting items with the check boxes and using the "Delete Selected Attachments" button.
  • Improved detection for different types of, and abbreviations for, Depreciation.