January 9, 2015


  • Finagraph Attachments and Document Management.

    Users may now manage file attachments to their Finagraph. To use the feature, open a Finagraph, and click on the Attachments button. A dialog window will open listing the existing attachments (including the original Balance Sheet and Income Statement attachments from their accounting package).

    You may upload and download attachments using the feature. If you uploaded an attachment, you may also delete it (you may not delete Finagraph-created attachments, like Balance Sheets or Income Statements). Some attachment types have an additional option, “View”, which allows you to see a human-friendly version of the file, which may actually be in XML or other format that’s hard to read. These features are also available for BBC Easy, with individual BBCs.


In the Manage Attachements window you can add supporting documents to save with your finagraph and also view the financial reports received from the accounting Software.


  • Fixed an issue with incorrect mapping of “Other Expenses” accounts that resulted in incorrect EBITDA calculations for some users.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Chat button to appear half-height on some pages.

  • Improved extractor and importer stability when zero-length or invalid files are uploaded to the system.

  • Improved the behavior with QuickBooks Desktop imports when company file had only ordinary income (no “other” income or expenses). Some account matches would be incorrect, resulting in incorrect display of the Income Statement.