January 20, 2015


  • In accordance to current GAAP standards Finagraph has begun to implement a "re-homing" of assets and liability accounts with negative balances on the Balance Sheet. If an asset account has a negative balance, it will be moved to the appropriate liability account and its balance negated. Liability accounts with negative balances will be likewise moved under an appropriate asset account and their balances negated. An example of this would be an overpaid Accounts Payable account. Say you had a balance of (200.00) in your Medicare Payables account, because you had withheld funds for an employee, but that amount was not yet due. We now detect this, and move the balance to be +200.00 under the asset account Prepaid Expenses. This is already common practice within the Xero accounting system but may be a bit of a shock to QuickBooks users. We will continue to fine tune this process to ensure that improper accounts are not moved.
  • New Chart of Accounts viewer for QuickBooks for Windows. Users may now view the Chart of Accounts attachment for their Finagraph or BBC through the list of attachments.
  • Added a new step to the Getting Started walkthrough for new Finagraph customers: “Viewing time periods” with the message “Click the quarter or month tab” and an arrow pointing at the tabs.
  • We now total up the invoices on the invoices tab.
  • Added emphasis to the "New Finagraph" button to help users looking to refresh the data in their Finagraph. The button is now green with added hover-help pop-up.
  • Additional help text for many accounts has been added.


  • Fixed manual inventory input for BBCs.
  • Fixed display of the Attachments list for BBCs so that it is the proper width.
  • Resolved an issue where some users were able to edit values on their BBC after it had been submitted for review.
  • Improved the responsiveness of the "Reset Adjustments button for in progress BBCs.