Support for Google Chrome changing in September

Finagraph’s FinancialLink application (also used by BBC Easy) is built with Microsoft ClickOnce technology. FinancialLink is run each time a user links a desktop accounting software such as QuickBooks for Windows. Using ClickOnce provided benefits to our users since administrative rights are not required to run the linker and FinancialLink will automatically download the latest version when we release important updates.

Unfortunately, Google has decided to stop supporting one of the underlying technologies used to integrate with ClickOnce, the Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI), and the ClickOnce Chrome Extension is no longer available on the Chrome Web Store. Users who already have the Chrome ClickOnce Extension installed will be able to continue to use Chrome with Finagraph and BBC Easy through the middle of September 2014. Rest assured, we are hard at work on a new integration solution for Chrome.

We recommend that new users use Internet Explorer 11 for the smoothest experience with Finagraph and BBC Easy, and we also support the latest versions of the Mozilla Firefox browser. For more information about Google’s decision to cease support for NPAPI, please consult The Chromium Blog (