May 8, 2014


  • New self Sign-up users are immediately notified on-screen that an email was sent to them in order to validate their account.
  • The "Choose Accounting System" window for Finagraph has been simplified to only two buttons: QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.
  • A "New Finagraph" button has been added to the provider dashboard for businesses that have not yet uploaded a Finagraph.
  • After a user verifies their email address, they receive a "Welcome to Finagraph!" email.
  • A "Return to Dashboard" button has been added to the "My Account" page.


  • Self Sign-up users who have not validated their email receive an error when starting a new Finagraph. Users must validate their email address before continuing. The new error includes a button to request a new activation code if the original one was not received.
  • Resolved an issue preventing BBC Easy customer groups from combining A/R details.
  • Updated the text on the add provider (e.g. banker) users button. It was incorrectly repeating the name of the business instead of the name of the provider.