June 6, 2014


  • Added "Edit Business" button to the Finagraph page.
  • Added  advanced inventory limits for BBC Easy. Lenders now have the option to limit Inventory eligibility as a percentage of Accounts Receivable or a percentage of the total eligible Borrowing Base.
  • The Lender dashboard in BBC Easy has been updated to always sort businesses with a submitted status at the top of the list. Additionally, the sort can be changed by clicking on any column header (Name, Account, Last Activity, Health, Used/Max).
  • The list of BBC reports in a BBC Easy business view has been updated so that In Progress reports are always listed at the top. This makes it easier for businesses and lenders to find their current projects and/or delete old incomplete reports.
  • The Financial Linker import screen has been retooled to provide more details about the linking progress.


  • Resolved an issue where the Finagraph sample company appeared in the dashboard for some BBC Easy users.
  • Fixed an invalid link in the activation emails.
  • Resolved an issue where BBCs were not recording valid time stamps.
  • The "Add Business" button is now hidden for Read-only provider users (e.g. bankers, CPAs).
  • Fixed Finagraph branding on the change email confirmation pop-up that incorrectly said BBC Easy.
  • Removed the BETA tag from QuickBooks Online.