October 1, 2014


  • New extension and FinancialLink released for Google Chrome. This resolves the issue mentioned previously where Google had announced that they were dropping support for ClickOnce technology. Chrome users will be prompted to download and install the new FinancialLink extension in order to link with QuickBooks Desktop (the extension is not necessary for QuickBooks Online nor Xero). The install only takes a few steps:

1. When Chrome users start a new Finagraph or Borrowing Base, they'll be presented with a notice that the new extension is available. Click the link to download the setup file.


2. Once Downloaded, the file will appear in the gray bar at the bottom of your Chrome window. Click the button for the file to continue.


3. Windows may prompt you to verify that you want to run the FinancialLink_Setup.exe. Click Run to continue with the install.


4. The Chrome extension and FinancialLink are both setup at the same time. Click Start Setup to continue.


5. Chrome will prompt you to confirm the installation of the FinancialLink Launcher extension. Click Add to finish the install process. Note: this confirmation window may appear on a different monitor from where you started the install.


6. In moments, your finished and the setup process will announce when it's done then forward you back to either your dashboard or the import screen. 




  • Resolved an issue which caused the Large Sales/Expense chart to appear blank for some users.
  • Improved the account activation process for Xero in BBC Easy.
  • Resolved display issue with sharable links, when used within an iframe and viewed with the Safari browser.
  • Changed the name of "Sales to Assets" ratio to "Income to Assets"
  • Fixed issue preventing changes to Contra Account types.
  • Fixed a display issue with IE10 where a blue box appeared around custom branding logo in title bar.