Live from Louisiana State University

I’ve been spending the week at the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University, teaching bankers about small businesses. I’m sporting my purple shirt and spent some time visiting world-famous Mike, LSU’s mascot.

It’s been a great week. I love sharing what I learned running my own businesses and also coaching others with theirs. It’s gratifying helping bankers understand the small business mindset. In return, I always glean learnings from the bankers’ insights. 

Naturally my thoughts turned to my blog. As I think about how I’d like it to continue to evolve, I think you’d find value in some of the key lessons I’m sharing with the banker community. Think of the lessons as refreshers. Or as new tools to try and see if they help you grow your business. Look for this type of content in every other blog or so.

As always, I’d love your feedback. You’re great at asking questions offline. Or sharing what you’ve found especially helpful. It’d be great to have you comment directly on the blog. I promise to monitor and respond.