CATS 2016

I love being on the front end of a movement.  In its second year, the Canadian Accounting Technology Show (CAT) currently in Toronto holds great promise for the future of Canadian accounting firms.  While the attendance is a little lighter than expected, the thirst for information is pervasive.  Accountants are engaging with world-class vendors like Intuit, Sage, Wolters Kluwer, and Thompson Reuters.

The call to action is pretty clear.  “Give me tools and arm me with information both make my job easier, and also enable me to provide  my clients with greater value.”  Strategically organizing plenary sessions is enabling nearly 100% of the attendees access to select speakers who are addressing those needs. Engagement is high and most feel that they don’t want to miss out on the “shift in a profession that hasn’t seen much disruption in the last 30 years”, even though it has become infinitely more complex.

The CATS attendees are the early adopters.  They are here to change the way accounting is done in their communities and within their own offices.  The plethora of companies offering to help may make the choices more difficult.  However, the CATS organizers are very aware of the need to offer choices from the spectrum of accounting tasks.  They range from VohCom workflow automation to JazzIT - templates for accountants interactions with their clients.  The more diverse the offering companies the better.  These companies are trying to automate everything accountants do, including making coffee. (Being from Seattle, I love it!)

As I walk the room I see a lot of emphasis on the workflow organization and tax document preparations.  The #1 goal is to become intricately involved in the daily lives of the accounting client.  Some compare the use of apps to an addiction -  once you start using a particular product, you never want to stop. 

FInagraph is perfectly positioned here.  A FREE business intelligence tool that offers a simple way to give the small business client a ton of information locked away in his accounting software. We’re proud to be in Canada, sharing with the others at CATS how technology can make accountants’ lives easier and while giving them more tools to increase their value to their business clients.