New Year, New Features on Finagraph


With a new year comes reflection on the past, and goals for the future. Our New Year's Resolution is to make yours even easier to reach! Finagraph makes analyzing your business and setting metrics and flags for the future as easy as one click. Now, there's no need to go searching through filing cabinets and massive manila envelopes to find your important financial documents in time for tax season. 

Finagraph now offers a document management system that allows you to upload and download file attachments to your account - Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Tax Returns, Invoices, even photos! 

Simply open a Finagraph, click on the "Attachments" button, and a dialog window will open listing the existing attachments. 

Some attachment types have an additional option, “View” which allows you to see a user-friendly version of the file, which may actually be in XML or other format that’s hard to read.  If you uploaded an attachment, you can delete is as well. 

Also new to this version of the product is View for QuickBooks Online balance sheets & income statements.