How To Become A Connected Bank

Most banks are extremely focused on streamlining processes for the ultimate goal of creating a holistic customer experience. But how exactly, does one go about starting this process? Should you begin by creating a mobile app, updating your website, or adopting a  new API (application programming interface)? Every bank is different, but every suite of customers is fairly similar and that's why our team at Finagraph has developed a solution to meet these needs. 

We've developed a program that empowers lenders in three ways. 

  1. Gather and organize financials instantly with one click
  2. Lock in relationship, differentiate yourself from competitors and monitor borrowers
  3. Attain bigger revenue goals by cross-selling your services

Aside from Finagraph, below are other ways lenders are becoming a connected bank.

Infographic from MuleSoft.

Infographic from MuleSoft.