Top 4 technologies for small business owners

With millions of programs, websites and apps, it can be overwhelming to know which tools will actually help your business. After managing employees, monitoring expenses and maintaining a high level of customer service, you probably don’t have the energy or time to sift through all the online tools either. So that’s why we’ve condensed all of the possibilities into one list of the most cost-effective, resourceful programs to run your business more efficiently.  

1.       Time Is Money – Manage Your Finances Instantly

You’d be amazed at the amount of money you could save by simply tracking your time, pinpointing risk indicators or having the tools to make more transactions. Take a look at these financial software programs that could help your business immensely.

  •  Square – Square is transforming the way we make transactions by empowering anyone with a smartphone or tablet to easily accept credit card payments. 
  •  Expensify – Expensify allows you to import expenses directly from a credit card to create free expense reports quickly. Making it easy to capture receipts, track time or mileage, business travel and create expense reports quick and easy.
  • Finagraph – Finagraph instantly unlocks the intelligence from accounting systems showing business owners their most important business metrics, how they stack up in their industry and identifies the most important areas of a business to improve.

2.       Streamline Digital Marketing

Believe it or not, we’ve moved beyond sending individual emails. There are designated systems to track each message sent, each reply and the overall success rate of your content. These tools are changing the way small businesses can market themselves.

  • MailChimp – MailChimp is an online marketing tool for small businesses to design and implement campaigns such as email marketingsocial media marketing, online survey, and event promotions. 
  •  Perch – Designed for small business owners, Perch delivers a live, personalized stream of social media and promotion activity for businesses in the neighborhood.
  • Groupon – Groupon offers discounts of 50-90% off dining, lodging, products and activities. Daily deals are triggered when enough Groupon members buy the deals.

3.       Improve Company Communications

The success of a company relies on the relationships between the owners, employees, customers and the public. In order to maintain these relationships, try utilizing cutting-edge communication programs that can advance those relationships at the speed of light.

  • Join.Me – Combine instant screen sharing and powerful meeting tools in an app that anyone can use to present, train, demo or concept. 
  •  Grasshopper – Grasshopper lets you run your business using cell phones by offering toll-free options, unlimited extensions, call forwarding to mobile phones, and voicemails via email.
  • Olark – Olark is a tool for website hosts to chat with their website visitors using their existing instant messaging client.

4.       Boast Your Online Presence

Before you start renovating your office space, make sure your digital presence is just as stunning. You can do this by sifting through your online reviews, social media conversations and creating a website that’s top notch.    

  • Yelp – Read reviews, get customer ratings, post images and share your business with the world.
  •  Google Maps – Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions. Google Maps is a great way to bring attention to your business and gain new customers.
  •  SquareSpace – SquareSpace is the easiest way for anyone to create an exceptional website. It offers beautiful pages, galleries, blogs, e-commerce, domains, hosting and analytics.