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BBC Easy automates
Borrowing Base Certificates

Manage your credit line in just 60 seconds

What is BBC Easy?

BBC Easy is an automated borrowing base management system for financial institutions and businesses. Managing Borrowing Base Certificates today is cumbersome and often leads to errors. BBC Easy automates the borrowing process from beginning to end. BBC Easy's features allow you spend less time worrying and more time focusing on growing your business.


How it works

  1. From their dashboard, lenders set lending parameters for each of their business clients.

  2. Businesses log in, click the button and BBC Easy prepares the reports and calculates the BBC based upon the lending parameters and the data in the accounting system.

  3. The business then submits, the lender reviews and the BBC process is complete.

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Featured Benefits

The 30-second BBC

BBC Easy's patent pending technology reads lender-specified data straight from the accounting system. Supporting reports are automatically prepared and submitted with the BBC.

Email reminder system

Let BBC Easy handle remembering when to complete a BBC and ensure that all data is fresh and up to date.

Data you've never seen before

Get deeper insights as to how each customer contributes or detracts from a business' borrowing base. Instantaneous reports and charts are calculated for every individual customer so you can discover trends faster and reduce risk.

Just click the button

Let the computer do the calculating. No more 10-key; no printing; no scanning; no faxing. It's never been easier or quicker to complete a BBC.


Control access with advanced


Various levels of access can be configured based upon roles and responsibilities befitting their role. This flexibility allows lenders to provide access to analysts or partners to review previously private portfolios. Likewise, businesses can enable third-party access rights for outsourced accountants or CFOs. Access can be granted in read, write or admin levels depending upon the needs of the users.

Dynamic dashboards for lenders and borrowers

Business Health Overview pages provide a summary of the recent BBC's along with trending charts for Accounts Receivable and BBC health. Lenders use their dashboard to prioritize their daily work activities: items that need to addressed float to the top such as overdue BBC's and borrowers who have not yet activated their account. Enjoy more information at your fingertips with an at-a-glance summary of each borrower's line penetration and BBC status. Lenders can even maintain relationships by sending messages to borrowers right from your dashboard.


Supporting a full set of BBC parameters

When lenders create a new business in their dashboard, they are able to request BBC calculations for all of the standard requirements: A/R Advance Rate & Maximum A/R, Invoice aging, Credit Memo aging, Concentration, Cross-aging, and Sales & Collections. Additional exclusions can be calculated based on account types such as Government, Foreign, Related, and Contra. BBC Easy also helps you track inventory valuation and advance rates either as a whole or separately for WIP, RAW, and Finished Goods. Remember, all of these calculations are ready for you in 30-seconds!

Detailed per-customer calculations

Not only does BBC Easy calculate a total valuation for their borrower, we also crunch the numbers for each individual customer reported by the accounting system. These calculations are reviewable each time a BBC is run to evaluate exclusions and totals. See at-a-glance details such as which customers have over-due invoices and which vendors contribute to Contra exclusions. Finally compare their A/R advance rate used to calculate a net eligible Accounts Receivable valuation.


Put BBC Easy to work for you.

Contact us to start calculating BBCs in seconds.

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