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Convert PDF tax returns into JSON for direct electronic import into Loan Origination Systems

Save time. Improve accuracy. Easy to use.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Drag and drop

Users drag files into the control hosted on your website


Electronic reading

Finagraph TaxReader creates a JSON representation of the key-value pairs from the tax return.

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Instant import

The JSON can then be imported directly into Loan Origination Systems.

The Finagraph TaxReader

  • Automatically reads any machine-created tax return PDF file. Does not work with scanned files

  • Instantly reads the data for auto-population into the loan origination software

Say goodbye to:

  • The laborious manual process of inputting tax return data into your loan origination software

  • Printing out tax returns and sitting behind a computer screen for hours manually entering fields from multiple tax forms

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  1. How does it work?

    The Finagraph TaxReader service reads tax return information from PDFs created by tax preparation software. It reads the data within the PDF, then converts it into JSON, which can be directly imported into loan origination systems.

  2. What loan origination systems does it work with?

    Currently, we work with Baker Hill NextGen products, LendingCloud, and CreditLens.

  3. How do you price the service?

    We charge a monthly subscription based on the commercial loan portfolio size of the bank.  Prices start at $250 per month.