Using Flight to transfer large files to clients

Document sharing has so many problems it needs a good talking-to

Sending documents to your clients, or requesting documents from your client continues to be a challenge. Traditional solutions like sending an attachment to an email don’t work for a number of reasons:

  • Attachments sent via email are not secure and can be intercepted in transit.
  • Email is not guaranteed to be sent or delivered. We have all experienced emails getting stuck inexplicably in our outbox, being lost or directed to the user’s junk email folder.
  • Emails with large attachments are often blocked. Each email provider has a limit to the size of attachments they allow.
  • Large email files consume mailbox storage space forcing you to manage email to reduce your mailbox size.

New services like Dropbox and OneDrive help make it easier to share large files outside of email, but also have their own challenge. You want to:

  • Avoid sharing your personal OneDrive or Dropbox account with clients
  • Avoid high monthly fees
  • Avoid complicated folder sharing
  • Avoid mixing files between clients

Trouble-free document sharing is so underrated

Flight’s document sharing was designed for advisors to make it easy to quickly share documents with clients, and request documents. It also allows you to have conversations about specific documents in the context of the document you're referring to.

  • Users are required to have a Flight account to access their documents.
  • All documents are encrypted using bank level encryption
  • Documents are stored in the cloud and always accessible
  • Flight supports large files up to 75 MB per file
  • It’s easy to find documents clients have sent to you, via their activity feed

Let’s share documents like it’s NBD

Let’s walk through the steps to upload a new document for your client. First, select your client from the client table. Here, we will choose Buddy’s Diner.

In Buddy's Diner's activity feed, go to the Documents tab.

Then click Add Document. (See? NBD.)

Click Upload to find the document on your computer. Then add a title for the document, and tags. These tags will help you find what you need more easily later. A new tag is created every time you hit the comma key.

The document shows up in your documents pane.

After the document is uploaded, a new document card is automatically added to your activity feed. Now you can add comments and start a dialog with your client.

Flight makes it easy to upload documents, quickly and securely. In addition, via your activity feed, you can start a conversation about your shared files.

We would love to hear from you how you use Flight to share documents with your clients, and ways we can make the process even better.


Michael Patten

Flight Crew