For Our Advisory Board: Welcome to Finagraph

The Finagraph Story

In the last seven years, Finagraph has evolved and grown in ways both expected and surprising. Expected: We have more talented people to carry out our mission, solid connections with partners that confirm our vision, and a strong brand in the industry. Surprising: We're not trying to market directly to small business, we've got a more realistic perspective on the pace that financial institutions move, and our classic dashboard pivoted to a private activity feed integrated with key financial data.

We've securely navigated the shifts internally under the guidance of our leadership team and Board of Directors. Today we're firing on all cylinders, building loan application software for Moody's Analytics, loan document collection technology for other partners and a category-busting tool that gives small businesses a concise, helpful view into their financial picture. 

Finagraph is all for small business. We impact the world by creating financial technology that makes things easier for small business.



Finagraph stats

Year founded

2010, as BBC Easy, rebranded as Finagraph in 2013


James Walter and Corey Ross




Cheryl Abrahamson


15500 SE 30th Place, Suite 101

Bellevue, WA 98007


Finagraph Products


Sixty-five percent of businesses blame financial mismanagement for failure of their business. Flight is designed to keep businesses in business. We've combined a private activity feed with the business accounting package to surface key financial data, anomalous data and trends - only the stuff that matters. Users can also comment and share documents in the context of the key financials.

Strongbox by Finagraph Final-01.jpg

Strongbox is our off-the-shelf answer to lenders who work with small business and want an efficient, simple process for loan document collection. With Strongbox, the majority of loan documents are collected via integration with the business' accounting package; the remaining documents are drag-and-drop into our secure Strongbox. 

The Finagraph Dashboard is our landmark product in the accounting industry, with a fan base built around the automated dashboard that does in one click what it takes an accountant hours to do. The Dashboard is offered as a free tool to businesses and accounting professionals. As we build our audience with Flight, we plan to integrate critical Dashboard features, and move all Dashboard users to Flight.

BBC Easy is the original Finagraph product, invented to automate the borrowing base certificate process for lenders. Currently BBC Easy has a number of banks actively using the service, and BBC Easy is offered by Jack Henry as part of a suite of products for lenders. We are not currently proactively supporting BBC Easy, but are responsive if a customer needs assistance.

In 2014 Finagraph acquired the Relationship Banking Academy, an established, respected banking education program. Finagraph Academy empowers bankers to build sustainable client relationships, while enabling business owners to understand their financials and grow their company - one inspired idea at a time. Past and current Finagraph Academy customers have included Wells Fargo, Hills Bank, First Interstate Bank and City National Bank. We are not currently soliciting Finagraph Academy customers, but are responsive to queries.

Recent Press

Board of Directors

James Walter Finagraph.png

James Walter

James is the founder and CEO of Finagraph. He holds multiple patents in the fields of media and technology. His decades of leadership experience include executive leadership at MidStream Technologies, a startup company funded by over $48 million. James earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Alaska. He works with numerous Seattle-based startup incubators mentoring other CEOs. 


Corey Ross

Corey is a veteran banking and financial services executive with a long history of success managing sales and servicing departments for small and large financial services organizations including Bank of America, Access Business Finance, and Banner Bank. Corey co-founded Fusion Business Finance and Finagraph. He holds degrees in Finance and Economics from Eastern Washington University. 


Scott Evans

Scott is on a mission to make computing profoundly personal, powered by a deeper contextual understanding of the human and the environment. He leads efforts for enabling an ecosystem of devices and software developers differentiating through capabilities that more closely emulate human interaction, including bringing together the physical and digital worlds with the power of holograms. Previously, Scott’s team delivered the Kinect platform for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Kinect for Windows, reaching millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of developers.

Stephen Tulenko.jpg

Stephen Tulenko

Steve serves as Executive Director - Enterprise Risk Solutions for Moody's Analytics. Prior to this, he was Executive Director - Sales, Customer Service and Marketing. Steve joined Moody's in 1990. He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Business Administration from University of Notre Dame and an MBA in Finance, Marketing and International Business from the Stern School of Business at New York University.


Gregg Blodgett

Gregg brings more than 30 years of finance and operating experience to Finagraph. Most recently he served as CFO for Twisted Pair Solutions, a venture-backed startup. He is an Advisory Board member for React Mobile, an angel-backed startup, and is on the Executive Committee of the Board of the Center for Infectious Disease Research. Gregg graduated from University of Washington in Accounting and spent nine years with Deloitte and Touche and several other firms in the financial services industry.

Leadership Team


James Walter | CEO

James Walter is the founder and CEO of Finagraph. He holds multiple patents in the fields of media and technology. 

Prior to founding Finagraph, James served as a top-ranked program manager at Microsoft Corporation leading teams delivering products including Xbox 360 and Windows 7.

His decades of leadership experience include executive leadership at MidStream Technologies, a startup company funded by over $48 million.

James earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Alaska. He works with numerous Seattle-based startup incubators mentoring other CEOs. 

Cheryl tan.jpg

Cheryl Abrahamson | VP Operations and Legal

Cheryl Abrahamson brings over 15 years of legal and operational experience to the Finagraph team.  As a veteran consultant to banks and middle market business owners, Cheryl has worked with executives on strategic planning, corporate structure, business delivery strategies, mergers and acquisitions.  She is passionate about helping organizations structure growth, build transferable value and manage more efficiently through financial metrics.

Cheryl was the Managing Director of the Relationship Banking Academy, which was acquired by Finagraph in 2014. Prior to joining the Relationship Banking Academy, she worked for a large national commercial real estate investment company, where she concentrated her efforts on contract development and negotiation.  Cheryl received her J.D. with honors from Gonzaga University School of Law and her B.A. in political science from the University of Montana.


Darrell Blegen | Chief Product Officer

Darrell Blegen is Chief Product Officer of Finagraph, overseeing product planning, design, development, testing and operations. He’s worked in Fortune 50 companies and start-ups alike. His portfolio of award-winning products spans cloud, enterprise, desktop and wearable platforms. He is the inventor or co-inventor on more than a dozen patents issued and pending and has authored several papers and contributed to a textbook on artificial intelligence.

Prior to joining Finagraph, Darrell held executive leadership positions at several start-ups and spent over 15 years at Microsoft Corporation leading teams in financial software, advanced consumer technology, developer tools, advertising, mobile services, and cloud services.

Darrell earned his Master of Software Engineering from Seattle University, and has a BS from the University of Washington. He is a certified Project Management Professional by PMI and a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. 

Mike tan.jpg

Mike Milan | VP Customer Success

Mike Milan is Finagraph's Executive Vice President, Customer Success with over 20 years of sales and entrepreneurship to the team. He teaches at the most  prestigious graduate schools of banking in America and is a sought after speaker on the topic of small business. 

He has translated innovative ideas into multi-million dollar businesses.  Prior to joining Finagraph Mike built several successful ventures from the ground up.   He built and sold Blazing Star Staffing, a Midwest regional hotel staffing company and Bottoms Up Brewhouse.  He also owned two service businesses in the St. Louis area. 

Mike is a former Missouri State Trooper. He earned his MBA from Baylor University.


Joy Archer | VP Marketing

Joy is a 20-year veteran with experience working for brands both large and small, including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Comedy Central and The Sundance Channel. She teaches strategic storytelling and writing to college students as well as corporate executives, and brings a comprehensive approach to Finagraph's branding.

At Finagraph Joy directs all marketing initiatives for the company brand as well as individual products.