Finagraph is all for small business. This is why:

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You cannot go a day without touching a small business. They make up 99% of employers in the U.S. 

When we help a small business, our impact is magnified.

61% of small business owners do not have a college education. They’re scrappy, hard-working warriors.

We like that. We get that. We are for that.

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They are relentless. Fifty-eight small businesses open every single hour, around the clock in the US.

That’s a lot of optimism. That’s a lot of chances for us to be of service.  


From a small business start to small business forever

At age 16, Finagraph founder James Walter began his small business education. He started a software company and wrote software for his teachers to help them with basic tasks. He also ran a bulletin board – the precursor to the Internet – out of his bedroom, giving people all over the country a way to connect. Like most small business owners, he had no formal education for running a business. Even thirty years and seven small businesses later, James relies on experience, instinct, advisors and friends for his business advice. As most small business owners do.

This makes James and Finagraph particularly smart about small business and what they need to thrive. When it comes to the financial picture, small businesses need straight talk, not MBA-speak. A way to connect with others. Pointers on what to pay attention to. A simpler, speedier loan process. Key financial data surfaced by the minute in a mobile format. Anomalous data flagged. Cash flow crises averted, opportunities seized.

A long time ago we realized that the best way to reach as many small businesses as possible is by providing powerful technology to the financial institutions and accountants that work with small businesses. Today we partner with companies like Jack Henry to improve their loan document collecting process for small businesses. We partner with companies like Moody’s Analytics to bring business credit scoring to small businesses, which is typically only available to bigger businesses. We partner with bookkeepers, accountants and business advisors to give them the tools they need to boost small businesses. We do this from our treehouse-like offices in Bellevue, Washington, with the hands-down best engineers, managers, sales and marketing monkeys in the land.